Goooood Morning Peeps! Day 6 – 7th Jan 2013

So how has your day been so far?  Have you been good or are you already munching your way through the kitchen and thinking about the lounge!

Here I am .. thinking what to have for breakfast… maybe some beans with toast… .  I think everyday I will do my food diary on a seperate on to my ramblings… that way you don’t have to read them if you don’t want to!!..  The bold is actually the food and the Healthy Extras B or A.

Breakfast:  Beans and Toast (HB) with Marmite (Free)


Dinner:Sweet Potato, 56 g cheese HA and 6 Syns Tuna HB and 2 x tbspn ligher that light Mayo 1.5 syns, Onion…. Not nice… looked it.. smelt it.. but didn’t taste it haha!

Snacks and Drinks: Coffee with splash of milk SS HA  –  Coffee 3.5 syn Cheese 6 syns

Syns 11 syns


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