Yesterdays News…. Day 5,,, 6th Jan 2113 – 8 syns

Okay .. I had a melt down.. but this is to be expected… as when we lose weight we are not only doing that but we are going through all our emotions as well… you have to agree!

So today… yep I was naughty and I got on the scales again … and maybe I shouldn’t have… as it can go backwards… but it was less than yesterday and it gave me that boost I needed.

So in this post I will give you the food… and I will write another about Emotional Positive Thinking and how you CAN do it!

Food Today…

Breakfast:   Oranges and a banana coffee with splash of milk HA and sweetner.

Lunch: Beans and two brown toast HB

Dinner: Pasta and Broc . 1 syn I think… I added 56g of cheese so used a HA and  6 synsI also added some frozen brocolli… had not other otherwise I would…. well that isn’t true.. I do but it is for my rabbit and I won’t take his food!!

Simple and quick…

Empty packet in large jug… put in the boiling water… added the extra brocolli… threw in the microwave for 9 minutes… then took out.. put in a nice dish and grated the cheese over.  Salt and pepper.  I was thinking of having some tuna… but then changed my mind.

Snacks: Orange, banana, carrots and coffee. 1 gum




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