Goals…are important

I had a comment from laughing while losing…thank you btw :)…….always nice when some takes the time to do that or click like…then I know I am not tweeting on to myself lol not that it matters.

She meNtioned a good point of Goals and setting yourself up for disappointment!

This is a big thing with let’s get the common word pEople use, diet , I prefer to use eating regime…this a new way of life, well not new to me. How so? Well I have lost weight prior….

Several years ago I was in a terrible place having lost my sister and I really let myself go, I was hurting ( I still do) one day it changed mentally I couldn’t go on and physically for me hard to walk…and that was making things worse. Oh don’t get me wrong…I have never been a runner or anything lol just I think it was my turning point.

I set my mind and within a few months I had lost 4 stone, understanding that a treat to me was a new lippy not a takeaway like some do lol.

Okay I wasn’t at the size I wanted but the best I had been in years and felt the best, still thought about my sister everyday but tried to in a more positive way.

Then wham!!! I was in a car accident, nothing major but it affected mobility and gave me another condition that I ended up with so many tabs ( I rattle and gain weight with)

My struggles if honest…

Are my medication…specialists and I have spoken and atm pain or weight gain, they have all agreed atm it is better to have this terrible condition under control of some kind and I agree, but along with that… Are the mental issues of weight gain the frustrations, of being trapped, trapped in a body I don’t love, oh I have never been tiny don’t get me wrong!!

Also the medication causes problems and my condition within my home life. Tell me how do you see pain..you can’t and he can’t…I know he finds it hard to understand…but I understand when he is in pain…so…. Do you think taking around 14 tabs a day is fun…the effect that is having on my body alone!

So my goals..I set myself some that I know I can achieve weight wise…hopefully 10 lb in 2 months and seeing as I am a start up again I think is achievable….if not…or I don’t do it…..I am going to pat myself on the back for what I have lost and carry on :). With all your support – hope!

It isn’t always easy writing your life for all to read, but your all my eating regime buddies 🙂

We all have good and bad days. But think of your goal…can you reach it…do you need to break it up…I have seen it so many times where they do look at say 3 stone and work from that..break it down…don’t be hard on yourself you only get one life….and at some point you still have to live it and enjoy it 🙂

Thanks for reading

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5 thoughts on “Goals…are important

  1. I totally agree. If a goal seems a long way off, break it down into steps. The boost to your ego from achieving the each step encourages you to reach the next one. Mine are the half stones between where I was and where I want to be.

    Hope your other half learns to understand your pain.

  2. I’m so sorry you lost your sister. I understand your mental pain, my sister passed away just over 2 years ago. I miss her like a physical pain.
    She was so healthy, and thin, and fit – the opposite of me….then she left me her bike…I’m not sure I can forgive her!! Still. I cycled it for the first time in 18 months this week…
    I too take painkillers every day following and injury in July and its hard to shake off the down and try not to comfort eat but I take one day at a time, so it’s ok to take one ounce at a time too xx

    • Hi.. This :)… it is always hard when you lose someone you love… and I know it has been several years it still feels like today, but that is something I have to live with.

      I too am sorry to hear of your loss, and can relate to your physical pain of missing her. Maybe her leaving you her bike was not only to help you get find you, but remind you of the humour you once shared.

      I do a lot of meditation for pain which helps me, have you tried that? Visualisations help me too.. also which really does help and sounds odd,,, but count.. but when you count.. visualise the number, see it draw the shape.. the brain has a problem doing both at the same time so it does lessen it a little x

      I look forward to reading your posts. Stay strong and remember she is always with you … in your heart and your dreams x

  3. I have no doubt you can do it! You seem so strong through your struggles and if all else fails you have us orrible lot cheering you on 😀

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