Frittata…. Recipe… and FOOD!

Yes… have I been feeling peckish today… yes but not till about 4.30ish… so still not doing very well with this eating in the morning….

I have to do this… have to kick the meto into shape.

Anyway… today I have had Frittatatatatatatataaa…. do really dislike that word… but this is just me!

6 eggs


Mixed herbs.. wish I had never put them in… something about the taste I don’t like

Pepper – onion- mushrooms finely chopped

2 tablspns of Parmasen cheese… works out about 15 gms so will be HA or 3 syns… if you want it as a HA.. have 28 gms.

Fry light

I have a silicone dish… sprayed a little with fry light… mixed all ingredients together and threw in the oven…20 mins but check to make sure the egg is cooked.

Was lovely… I said I don’t like the mixed herbs… just think I will do it with oregano and garlic next

Now it was great to pick on or have as a lunch or dinner!  All that could be free or 3 syns!


So today… I have eaten… my frittata….3 syns


Cottage pie… I am going to say HB but really no meat in it at all… might freeze the other can’t face it four nights on the trott!!  with salad.

50 g liquorice…7 syns

Carrots chopped up and munched on.

Milk… although not all of it.. I had two splashes in my cuppas… so HA


Last night I did have the two milky ways and felt guilty and I have said about them being 20 syns… but… nope I read again that they were 11.5 syns so that is great… still over but less to worry about.

Should I weigh myself tomorrow to see if there has been any loss?

Do you have a sneeky weigh in to give yourself a boost?




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