Day 4… 5th Jan 2013 Whoo hooo!!! Syns 8

Yep… I have had food already… good for me… it is 11.23 am and I have eaten… okay nearly lunch time but I have the sniffles and a bit of cough.  Don’t normally want to eat when poorly!

Feel I want to go back to bed today but have paperwork to do…and of course the housework… bah lol…

Oh I was naughty.. I did jump on the scales just to see… I know I know.. don’t do it yourself haha… but there I was almost in my birthday suit with this urge and hey presto… I couldn’t fight the urge… But I will next time as I know we fluctuate from day to day anyway.

Soooooooo…. well it was 00.02.4oz so that is nearly 4 lb!

Now are you counting the ounze or just the pound and half pound?  So what happens about the ounzes? eh!!

So my food today:

Breakfast:  spaghetti and toast… no spread or anything… so HB x 1

Lunch: I made some Syn free Pasta Chips and had those while I fell asleep on the sofa.. oops

Dinner: The remainder of the Frittatasalad and pickled onions mm well syns on this I am going to count as 1 as small amount and I count all the syns from yesterday.. see I should eat in one day or count all.. I forgot about that.. thought I was going to!  1 syn

Snacks and Drinks: 2 half coffes milk from HA,
50 g licqorice 7 syns

Think I might have to try the cake in a cup and see how that goes and seeing as I don’t use all my milk I think I will use a little in that. See other post.. Cake in a cup part 2……. but yuk!


Syns: 8

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