Cake in a mug… OOoo must try…

Cake in a mug.

I saw this and I have heard of it before… of course the lady post is below if you don’t want to click the link…

She has put the syns for EE… which I don’t do… but I am sure it isn’t much to find out what they are if not the same!

THANKS Shrinking Fairy!4


1 Options sachet

1 egg

2 tbsp Sweetner



1. Add all of the ingredients together in a microwavable mug.

2. Whisk together

3. Microwave on full power for around1 min to 1 1/2 min depending on your microwave.


I got this idea from my consultant and figured I would give it a try. It does taste much nicer than it sounds! I ate it straight out of the microwave whilst it was still warm.


Options syns (Extra Easy)

Belgian choc =  2

Mint madness = 2

Choca mocha = 1.5

Dreamy caramel = 1.5

Outrageous orange = 1.5

wicked white chocolate = 2



I have some skinny cow choco mint.. so will try it tomorrow and let you know!

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