What do you think?

An odd ramble here but something I need to get out!

Yesterday OH and I had to go and get my medication for my head complaint. Now I have tried coming off the stuff and wow the pain..I have been mixed up with timings and it soon let’s me know to! It isn’t my fault, oh just look up *The Suicide Disease* that will tell you enough.

I have been from one specialist to another, poked prodded, questioned, Mri scan after another and of course one lot of meds after another.

Right your in the picture. OH said yesterday,

*He would give up smoking if I gave up the meds*

It is like I am living alone most of the time. I did reply, *Do you think I enjoy this? I don’t take them for fun!*

Hello…..you might be sick of it seeing me take them….how do you think I feel?….I am living it.

I felt pressured before by him to come off them so I reduced the meds down slowly and had a really bad attack, then I was all over the place.

Okay..if no one has ever had this, they will NEVER understand, sometimes, I think oh it is okay and get lapse with the timings as I have said….it comes back with a vengeance.

I am waiting for a treatment from the hospital. Some injections in the back of the neck and head, was hopefully prior to christmas but nothing, so hopefully this month.

Did I ask for this condition…..no I was in a car accident and got it after that even though they deny responsibility…

Am I wrong for feeling so hurt by his words?

I would never wish this on anyone, but if he felt the pain just once, maybe he would understand.

And to top yesterday off I ate the milky way…which I think was 20 syns 😦

But that’s okay as will even out over the week! At least that will.

Sorry big ramble over with!

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