Pickled Onions… Burp! 10.5 syns today

Yes I have been good… I have eaten today…. let us see what I have eaten…


2 x satsuamas

home made Cottage pie.. small  portion with soya will say HB although hardly any meat at all

Spaghetti just tin stuff with two brown toast HB

Pickled onions home made… but just going to scour the pages for syn value brb!!   Ahh brilliant they are syn FREE… whooo hooo!! Wont do much for the acid reflux… but hey!

Pickled Onions In Malt Vinegar (450g)

And a grapefruit… love to peel them like and orange and eat them!


So I haven’t had any HA’s could have two of those… might weigh some cheese and have an apple.. drat no apple!!   I am craving something sweet… I do have a couple of things Milkway.. or liquorice… so going to check the syn value of those  ………..well I found this.. but it is the USA version but still handy!… http://online.slimmingworldusa.com/downloads/SlimmingWorldUSA_Syns_download.pdf

Liquorice Twist

Ooo… I found this …Non-branded Sweets, basic, Liquorice twists, 25g 3½
Morrisons Liquorice Twists & Sticks, 200g pack, 25g serving 3½  – 75gs worked out about 20 pieces @10.5 syns!! I like to nibble as well as ramble!

Oh what was the milky way lol….

Yesterday I was pleased with myself… I know I eat more when I am unhappy or it is a reason to eat for me… and OH told me to shut my F*******g mouth…. this really hurt me and I wanted to go to the kitchen and eat… BUT NO!  I am doing this for me .. I remembered.

Did I tell you I threw myself on the scales again today……. No it wasn’t pretty… but the scales did say less… why… well I didn’t have any clothes on… but would be nice to think that it was cause I had lost weight…But next Wednesday eh!   I know we all lose weight on the first week… so I am hoping it is going to be a biggy to it boosts me lol… See I don’t want much do I!!





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