Must Eat… day 2… 3/01/13 My Rambles??


Oh that does seem odd writiing 3/01/13… but guess here we go… another year… of writing another number… but it is only another number.  I have never been one of those for Yay New Year… Let’s Party….. Does that make me sound like a bore?

Got up late.. why … cause I wanted to… there .. nothing sinister about it… I sleep little… so I am up most of the evening and I have a terrible routine and really must try to get out of it…. but I think after all these years… whats going to change?  Why would I want to change?  and change for what or whom?

Not sure I want to be in that so called rat race anymore… I used to be on the bus seeing them all racing off to work… some with their lunch bags.. some with heavy coats draped over their arms in case it was cold…. then you had the guy in the suit actually in the winter, ah bless, freezing his nuts off but thought he looked smart and cool… well he was cool in the middle of winter and didn’t think it cool enough to put a nice decent coat on……. Shite!!  I have turned into a granny… where’s your coat, you’ll catch your death!

Anyway where was I … as you can see I am a real rambler… some like it.. some don’t …. but this is the inner workings of my mind and if you are going on a journey with us… you better hold on to your eyeballs and read away… oh and a flask of coffee… black and sweetner now!!!

I had been treating myself to sugar for the last month or so in a cuppa… not that I drink many and sort of got out of the flavour of sweetner and now have to drag my screaming arse back to say .. Wow I love it!!  So here I am.. back on the wagon…. really have to get that out of my mind… this is a life change…. see here we go again…change.

Look I am not saying change isn’t good… you don’t have to carry this carcus around… and it isn’t a light one believe me!  Yes I know it would do me good… better on the bones and joints, eat healthier for hair skin and nails…. oh come on…at my age…well I have to sayfinally I am doing it for me!  I am married.. have been for many years… (not sure if I have blogged that before about OH) and a child of my own who has grown and his children all grown… so only him and I now…. and I don’t have to impress him… he doens’t really see me!  I am just the one that keeps the house semi tidy and cooks and that isn’t always good in his eyes…. so back to me me me ha ha!

I remember saying before… when are you happy in your own skin?  If I didn’t have so much … I maybe could answer that lol !  Oops still not eaten or had anything to drink yet… so I am going to stop this ramble… and come back later when I get the time….. Happy day everyone (now I sound like a hippy)!



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