End of day one…Red Green and EE.. 11 Syns!

So there we go… end of day one…  The shock of learning how the scales dislike me… but I will get them to love in time…

I haven’t been good as I haven’t had enough to eat… but it’s a start…. I have to get my act together to find out what syns are what as I can’t remember!!

Anyway today I have had…

one banana , small orange

Cottage pie… lamb HEB would have been 8 syns if not using the meat as a HE…

Pasta Tortilla homemade… they were lush… better made in the microwave

Diet Coke and one of my daughters home made cakes mini sponge cup cakes…the size of a thimble lol with no decoration on it… but I will say 2 syns

I have filled in my weekly chart.. don’t forget I have one on here if you need to print one off.


I have a small packet of smarties and I think I might have those..they are 9 syns so I can have those… so today… 11 syns!




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