Second January… Weight on my mind … already!!


This has to start somewhere…

I got on the scales… and before I did… I thought okay … how much have you put on.. how heavy are you going to be now… remember it is only a number and this number you can reduce (like how I put reduce there… positive thinking!! are you impressed.. I am )  anyway…

The bitch of scales.. yes I am going to say they are female as only they can be so cruel ha ha!  I didn’t like the number at all… but it is a start….

I have put on a stone… or just under… how can I have done that to myself… that along with all the other weight I am carrying… NOPE… have to think positive… remember my goals below…

Anyway.. to get through this I have to be honest.. so here goes….. Oh I do feel really ashamed of myself again.. I know the medication doesn’t help.. and not being so active.. oh for goodness sake get it out there.. it is like being at an AA meeting.. my name is… and I am…

I don’t think I am ready yet to broadcast how gross I am but I know I am I have to more to lose… yep more to love but more to lose!

I am going to do it this way….00.06lbs so I want to get to 00.10lbs and that is working backwards…by the end of Feb!

Crap that is a lot.. but I looked all over for conversions as I am a pounds and ounces girl .. well no pounds for me it is stones!

Right I have kept my goals at the bottom and I will try to stick to as many as I can a day….

I haven’t eaten today so that is problem one… it is 14.56 pm and this is where I go wrong… I have to eat 3 meals a day… this is where I will lose weight…

Also my health isn’t great… suffering in other ways atm… not nice and making it very uncomfortable to walk and sit… so can run around… run I do make myself laugh!!!

Feels like a long time since I ran… must have been a year now!

So I am aiming for 10 lb loss at the end of February… or even 14lb that would be lovely….. so that would take me back down to the 00.06 range, nearly a stone lighter haha!.

Must print off my weekly planning sheet.. for SW.. if you want to follow along.. then you can print it off .. just go to the search bar and type in… Weekly Food Diary Sheet… don’t forget to set the size right for printing.. and away you go!

I have my daughter coming over tonight… and we got her a cupcake maker… poops and she left it here and wants to make some.. so I have to scour the net now for a cup cake recipe that I can have to not feel so left out… I can use my syns too…

Going to stick to 15 I think to start with…but had no calories yet… so best go eat…

Weekly Food Diary Sheet printed… here goes…. hopefully be back later as have to clean up now!  Oh and find cup cake recipe… and what for dinner was going to do a cottage pie… with sweet pot and normal pot as topping… will have to work out syns…. can tell I am out of it… but won’t be long before I am back in the swing!!


I am going to list a few things and see if I can encourage myself daily to stick to them, any support would be great…

1.  Move more….set my alarm on my phone to make me get up and exercise even if just gentle ones to start with or walking around the house.

2. Start a new eating regime… this is my life… and I want to be here

3. Write my worries and concerns down to get them out and  stop festering

4.  Learn to say No in a good manner and accept that people won’t like it.

5.  Allow change in myself to happen and not fight it…. my past is what makes me the person that I am today… and I don’t think I am a bad person.

6.  Remind my friends that I am always grateful they are there and support me.

7.   Any other…. Oh stay positive :) !!

4 thoughts on “Second January… Weight on my mind … already!!

    • Hi Lisa… No I am not a member anymore… I have the books etc and I just think I am going to try and do it alone… well not alone if you know what I mean…

      I went to class for a while and it really wasn’t for me.. felt I didn’t get anything from it.. just pay them to stand on scales to tell them what I know and play clappy clappy…and I lost the original 4 stone alone just with the books and looking on the net so I know I can do it!

      Also it was clicky.. I never felt more alone than I did than when I was in a class lol… odd isn’t it!!… So YOU can do it.. I can do it… Keep at it 🙂

  1. I don’t know how long you’ve been dieting but when i read all your goals I have to wonder if you aren’t trying to do everything at one time. i only say that because i have put myself in that position before. Then i get overwhelmed, set myself up for failure, screw up, and then feel bad about myself, label myself a failure and eventually give up. How about just set yourself one or two goals for this week or two weeks. Only when you have mastered those two goals can You add another one or two. See then you see things up to be a winner. i think i will either about my thought on this tomorrow on my blog. Check back on my site and GOOD LUCK!

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