Think I might have to try this one seeing as i haven’t eaten yet and the oven is on cooking the cottage pie!

Okay… my report on the lasagne tortilla chips….I did a couple of batches in the oven… one just salt and the other batch was cumin and garlic… they were okay… a bit faffy.. but it was okay… have to keep and eye on them as my darn oven works faster on one side than the other…

As for the microwave method… it is brilliant!ย  I used the non stick mat…as I did in the oven as you don’t have to spray the other side (less calories) and I just put them on that… and yep crispier and fantastic… the salt stuck better and they are nice!

I will now go to the cottage pie post and let you know what I thought about that!!

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Lasagne Tortilla Chips


Boil lasagne sheets for approx 5 mins (best in a large wok and make sure they donโ€™t stick together)

Cut them into triangles

Lay them on a tray sprayed with Spray Fry Light and add seasoning of your choice, spray again with fry light.

Place in oven on 220 til golden, turn them over and add more seasoning.


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