SW Quick Fix Cheesecake.. yum..

This I found on the Facebook page and had to steal it to put on here so I know where it is when I want to make it.

How To Make Your Quick Fix Cheesecake
1 Alpen Light Bar
Sachet of Options Hot Chocolate

Vanilla Extract
250g Quark
Mix berries or other fruits (optional)

Warm alpen bar for 10-20 sec in microwave
Flatten into a ring or small bowl as a base
Mix together quark, options hot choc, vanilla extract and sweetener
Add half quark mix to the base, then top with fruit. Add remaining quark mixture and decorate with fruit. leave in fridge until ready to eat. Remove ring before serving and decorate with a grating of chocolate.


And this lady gave us the syns value…

Sarah Pierce You can have 2 alpen bars as HEB.. Or syn them at 3 each.. X
Can’t wait to try it! … Let me know if you do…

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