B…..Beaming…. My last day!!!

Last day at work…. wooooppppppppp!



Here I am …. again… I know I have put on a couple of pound… but I am going to work on that… I feel extremely tired… but wanted to tell you all …. I have missed being on here and typing away… giving you my thoughts… but tomorrow is my last day at work!!!  Whooo hoooo!


Also tomorrow I was due to have my ocipitcal nerve block but the surgeon said no as I wasn’t in pain… but I am in some at the moment… but I am hoping after I have slept that I won’t have it in the morning and made a mistake.  But it is important that someone who is in in terrible pain gets to have it done…. and I don’t waste an appointment.

So last day tomorrow… someone said… you having a party… I said Oh yeah…. (seeing as I work in the office and run the business by myself) I said yep 3 of us coming… I started to go on that if one of them turns up in the same outfit as me again I will go mad… like the Christmas party or my birthday… he said oh who are they then… I said Me, I and Myself….. and then went on about how they copy my hair etc… he was busy listening and then burst out laughing!!!

Yep … I will be leaving alone… but my choice… and what is the bet it rains as I carry my plant home…. but hey ho…….. I wonder what my next part of my life will hold… we will have to wait and see..


Hopefully it will be… slimmer happier and healthier…     but till then…. Keep smiling everyone and wish me luck on my last day…!!!

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