B…. Sun.. Sun…Sun and Cardboard!

Well well where has that come from!!  Two or is it three days on the trott now that we have sun and why is it always when I am couped up!

I am cheating at the moment… should be getting ready in fact running (omg I don’t run!!) for the bus… but I am here with you and eating a bowl of nutty museli… not sure that I am loving it.. the breaky that is… cardboard.,.with a few sweet chewy things thrown in!  But not only that.. I have to spend the rest of my day picking the darn stuff out of my teeth.  Oh you will be pleased (well I am) that I can’t take them out yet to do that!

So… have I done a WI… nope I forgot and I have completely forgotten what day I weigh in on… I thought Thursday… but then didn’t I change it?  Answers on a postcard to….   I will go back to Thursday… oh shall I…..

Law of Attraction… has been on my mind today along with perception from yesterday….. I shall have to write more about it later on the bus that I don’t run for as I am extremely late… so bad spelling and all… toodles for now…

 Here I am again….on the bus and it is friggin hot…phew at this rate I won’t need to diet you will just see my clothes skin and bones on the seat…

As usual everyone looks their usual happy miserable selves as we plod along from stop to stop… Not me …I am jigging to Sugar..ah ah ah honey your my candle girl! Glowing of course! I just love this Motown music….you can hear it, what they are saying love the story lines.

How the sun can make some people smile….And have to say this is helping with my back…but did have physio yesterday and she is brill but I do ache today but that is just how I used to work…its the only way to get better!

Next bus hop coming or crawl in my case but makes me feel young!…so hopefully you all have a good day x

A ..where are you? Xxx

Just had to share with you all…. The next driver beckoned me to hurry as I waved him so he knew I wanted his bus…. so I ran so that he could leave on time (I know…I ran, glowing isn’t the word it is like 100 d here!!) And then the swine of a driver sat there to let others who dragged their heels. Haha I am going to take the positive out of this…my pores are clear lol

Have a good day all!!!


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