B…Blubber….Weigh in…Orbs

Yep it is that time of the week again where you have to strip down to your largest living organ alone and sliver on the scales and hope that the other spare tyre you have gained over the last few months is just levitating by itself and won’t weigh anything…

Blubber … but beautiful blubber



So last weigh in I did on Monday or Tuesday was it… didn’t weigh in for two weeks… naughty naughty and I know I had put on weight…. but anyway… last one was  00.05  lb 2oz…and I did manage to lose a lb.. whooopie… but that is something isn’t it… infact I am very pleased with it!  but still doesn’t escape the fact that I feel like a big piece of blubber!!!!  I don’t look half as cute as that above.


Had a call from my sister last night.. she has a few problems and we didn’t get off the phone till gone 2.30 am ish and I am so tired.

I am still going to jack my job in and no one there seems to believe me… odd isn’t it.. I know I haven’t given a date … but I am leaving… they just say I am will be there till the place falls apart…my sister and I were talking about doing something together which would be lovely.  I would have loved to have done something with my other sister to but sadly she is not with us any longer.


I have more spirit orb video for you to watch if you didn’t look through the others… here you go… one more for the night…. bathroom mirror orbs… this one I filmed while sat in my bathroom….. you never think they are going to be everywhere … but they are… and just because you spirit orbs it doesn’t mean they are bad….what are your views on spirit orbs… oh must sleep.. so tired…








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