B….Beyond Our Life!!!

Morning Orbs…

Well now this is worth watching if you are interested in Orbs… spirit lights, then watching this is a must.. yes a rather long video, but well worth watching and and leave your comments!

Me, well we all know how I feel about spiritual matters… someone has been watching over me… I moan that life is bad… but if it wasn’t for them watching over me… maybe it could be a darn sight worse… so I shouldn’t complain!


But I do as I am a woman…


Thought I write a few lines before going to bed.. another day of what I thought was doing well until I got home and that is my fault from not forward planning and I need to get to bed earlier but staying up is making me hungry… so bad sometimes I could eat a horse!


Sooo hungry




Today was fruit

Lunch more fruit and then realised it was late and should have had my lunch so did and it was pasta n sauce.. broc and cheese one.

Dinner…jam sandwich, half melon, small packet of twiglets, two crumpets and midget gems.


okay need to sleep…..


let me know what you think of the video!


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