B………BLACKNESS…..and more… The Fire

Blackness… smoke


What do you see when you wake in the night… do you see your room… do you see the outline of your room… what do you think about?  I need the loo?  Or

Who said that and what…. where OH MY GOD….


Did I mention the wet trousers last thursday and not wanting to go to work… did I mention losing my keys on Friday and standing outside work crying with all my personal belongings on the pavement searching my handbag as it rained down on me… looking frantically… thinking why am I here … I don’t want to be here I want to be at home.


That morning I had sat watching the orbs in my bedroom from the other bedroom while ironing.. how I actually didn’t burn anything did really amaze me.  Maybe these were all omens…


Do you believe in OMENS?  What is the definition of an OMEN?   A phenomenon supposed to portend good or evil; a prophetic sign.

People can take from this as they will.  When Newty passed or before the orb activity in my house was high.  I have it on film on youtube.  And again it was high and I this Friday I felt this strong urge that something was going to happen.  As usual I set the camera up from the hallway to film through to the bedroom as they seemed to like being in there.

The night was noisy as the neighbours were having yet another party!  I sat in bed at around 1.45am thinking grrr… but I had taken the laptop with me and I was watching the orbs for a little while and placed the laptop on the floor next to my bed… aware of the carpet I put them on magazines.  Off I went to sleep.

It was then I hears…… WAKE UP WAKE UP SMOKE… and someone prod the end of my nose!

Do you believe me… ?  I am not sure if you do and to be honest I don’t care… I really don’t for the first time in my life I really don’t care what others think.

I opened my eyes and the room was full of smoke…. it was all misty and I was coughing .. I got up and ran into the hallway thinking where is the fire… the spare room for my daughter (who has never stayed with us in this house odd what we think) then boiler in this room and then back to our room which was filling up even more… I opened one of our cupboard doors which is built onto the main adjoining wall and so much smoke came out.

Waking my husband and getting out of the house, grabbing my rabbit and calling the fire, coughing all the way… the house was filling up.

I banged on the neighbours door thinking they would be dead with all the partying and fire and smoke… but NO… they had already been arrested 20 mins prior by the police somewhere else.

It turns out.. that if SPIRIT hadn’t woken me… my husband and I would have been dead now….. this is what the chief fire officer said… also one other shocking thing is that NO ONE… in the street called the fire brigade only me… no one else woke up!

I couldn’t sleep for over 27 hours…. I didn’t want to go upstairs… but when I did finally after we changed the new bedding for new bedding… I will post you what happened.. that is when my laptop wants to work as that has died on me now…. will this run of bad luck ever end for me…. NO.. I am very lucky as I am here…


NOT going to concentrate on what is bad… but what I can and is good in my life…..


Have to go … terrible acid oh and now… 00.05 ln .02 oz so yep a bad week but hopefully back on track today… lets see… did I tell you all…


oh will in next one… interesting…


One thought on “B………BLACKNESS…..and more… The Fire

  1. B— my goodness ,you ae truly blessed ,i hope you see that ,i would call that a positive thing not bad luck ,vey much good luck it could so easily have gone the other way and you guys might not have made it out.I once told you about my second chance ,and about how that was the push i needed to make changes in my life ,along with a big push from you , i see what has happened over the last few weeks as your second chance to start living ,enjoying life and making a difference for yourself and others,you are so positive when it comes to others , lets see some positivity for yourself ,You have taken the first steps ,change of job ,so lets see where life is gonna take you ,what journey you are on and try to enjoy xxxxxxx

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