A——– Here ,someone please tell me what i’m doing wrong

A—- here again , i’m absolutly gutted, what am i doing wrong. As you have probibly guessed i went to get weighed ,last week i was 20st-4lb-2oz, this week im 20st-4lb-7oz ,i seem to have put on 5 oz ,i truely dont understand ,being the size i am and being mobil for the first time in years , joining the gym and going ,3 times last week 2 so far this week ,have changed my eating habits , to a way more healthier choice .i’m even watching calories something i said i wouldn’t do ,but there ya go im doing it  and having put  5 oz on is baffling me , i would have expected to have lost at least a lb which is the healthy weight loss lb a week ,It doesn’t look like anyone is reading my post s, but in the off chance someone does  if you have any idea’s im open to suggestions . I feel totaly disheartned at the mo ,im about to go to the gym , but sitting wondering whats the point . I have been this size for years , people love me and my life is not to bad so why bother ,yes why am i bothering ,is this worth the pain its causing my back going back and forward to the gym ,IIIIIII WONDER.


One thought on “A——– Here ,someone please tell me what i’m doing wrong

  1. B…. I would have left message before but lappy has died on my… pfft always something eh… anyway….

    Listen… I bet next week you will have done something… your body is adjusting and it will take time… make sure you wear the same thing and go at the same time if you can every week. You are becoming more mobile… that is bloody fantastic… more now than in years… your spirits have been higher you even said you were feeling better….

    Why are you doing this… we spoke about this… because we want to do this.. we don’t really want to be like this anymore do we… WE DON’T like being in PAIN all the time…. WE DON’T want have to plan our whole day on each move … WE DON’t want to have to be stuck with the same clothes… WE DON’T want to be awww here she comes.. make way… let her sit down it must be hard… WE DON’t want to be like this anymore full stop… YES you DO have people that love you, they will love you big small or even if you had two beautiful heads… it isn’t that… this is ABOUT YOU…

    Now get off your Arse and do your Gym… stick at your eating and you will do better each week… it will take time but then all of a sudden it will start to come off… you have to remember that each week is another week to getting the new you back.. and WE are going to FIGHT this together your not alone.

    Hey I put on this week… but I was naughty through stress as well.. so it was my fault… I didn’t make the target either….

    So lets set a new one.. not too high but one that we will do… I am with you…. even if you don’t want to go to the gym…. exercise on a chair.. I think I will for now…

    Lots of love to you A xxxxxxxxxx STICK AT IT xxxxxxxxxxx

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