A—– Here

Well im back and not happy , i didn’t get weighed or to the gym yestarday. We are having probs with our phone line ,i have had an engineer  here for the last 4 weeks lol ,im laughing but not funny,no he hasnt moved in but might as well have .So where am i at ,lets see ,no gym today gain ,but im off to see the doc this afternoon .

Been doing not bad eating wise ,apart from the slip up on sat night ,and last night i was so fed up i had a supper from the chippy and that has pissed me off sorry but i’m angry with myself.

breakfast ———– crackerbread and bananna

lowfat crisps

lunch ————- small portion of singapore noodles n veg low fat biscuit bar

some kinda salad for tea i think .

I’m typing here and i feel so sleepy  no energy i was up until 5 am this morn ,then back up at 9 am to let the engineer in ,but i have promised myself back to gym tomorrow ,

I feel as if i’m on a slippy slop here ,would be so easy to fall back to old habits ,and i so dont want to do that so please if anyone is reading this wish me luck ,send out some positive thoughts  to both B—- and myself .

Watch this space ———

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