Well i didnt get my baked potatoe on sat night ,had a talk talk workman here all sat afternoon then had to rush to get ready to go out to the anniversary party .

Had a lovely time ,only had 5 drinks ,and ate a few doritoes ,and 2 mini spring rolls ,and your thinking  thats not to bad ,yes indeed it would have been had i not came home and ate a coconut chicken curry  and the biggest slice of cake you can imagine .

So back to behaving Sunday ,no gym had a lazy day ,done a few chores then watched telly ,just because i had peace to do it lol ,

breakfast——— bannana and apricot

lunch ———— ryvita n cheese ,apricot ,2 saltn vinigar ricecakes

wathing tv ——– 3 saltn vinegar ricecakes

tea——————– small portion of canniloni and salad , icelolly

Monday ——— went to the gym done 45 min work out

breakfast——-bannana and cereal bar

lunch——-ryvita cheese , apple , pk low fat  crisps


tea salad and some kind of meat maybe ham  and a piece of  fruit

Going  to get weighed tomorrow ,so if there is anyone reading my posts please keep fingers crossed for me that i have lost some weight  even a pound  ty xxxx

Keep on watching this space ————-


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