A—– Here

Well ,had another hypo (low blood sugar) last night , its not fun , but it will settle down . I got up feeling a bit off this morning ,not the best time of the month for me ,so am very crampy ,would love to just curl up with a hot water bottle lol , not in my house . I am at the mo waiting on my grandaughter coming for her sleepover ,so will need to get myself  ready lol p.f.a (positive fun atittude ) lol.

breakfast ——-bannana

lunch————small amount of sinapore noodles with vegies , very small amount  and 2 slices of ryvita ,

teatime———- salmon and blackpepper salad .

Now i have noticed my blood sugar level dropping in the eve so i will have to add a snack in there , maybe some cracker bread and bananna , or ryvita and cheese thin cut cheese ,something along those lines , its got to be better than a few packs of crisps and a choco bar .

Didnt get to the gym today , but have done a few small excercise at home , i have found my left foot to be very sore at the mo , my son had a look and has told me its bruised , have no idea how that happened but will say  it is rather painful , so if i can i might try a walk ,later ,i dont want to sit about ,if i can avoid it ,i will just fall asleep , and thats not going to do me any good .

I have just heard my  lovedly friend B— is having a very bad day or couple of days ,so i am sending her out some healing and positive thoughts , hope the rest of her day is better xxxx

Oh and watch this space———


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