B………Rainy days to better days… maybe

Rainy days to better days… maybe


Do you know… it can only get better can’t it… I always think that to myself… ahhh crap… here is what happened to me after I got up and left the house!


What a morning!!!  You know me and my bus hopping… the bus left early I watched it pull off as I turned the corner.. but I thought … nope I am not going to do any babewatch for that one now am I (bus driver that is)…. so I walked and waited and got on a different one.. this one drops you further back but I don’t mind as it means I walk further and might miss my other bus, but it was a nice morning….. or was it……!!

Anyway… I got on the second but … as usual the unsmiling lady I say “Hello” to and she doesn’t even look at you was driving the bus… but hey ho… I go to the back and off she pulled before I had time to sit down and I got thrown so I dived for the corner seat and sat…. and as I sat I thought .. this seat is cold… oh very cold… omg!!!!!!!!!   ITS WET…. I pressed the button and flew down the bus and I don’t know what was the matter with me, I was like a woman possessesessessesssessed. 

B…. possesssesssesssesssesssed!

I was shouting at this lady look at my bottom, what the hell was on that seat, how am I suppose to go through the day with a wet arse like this… (I do feel so ashamed, at shouting at her, and I did apologise) but I said the service is awful the buses smell, and this now means I will have lost a mornings work as it will take me another hour and 15 mins to get home to have a  bath and then set off again.  She gave me her number and name, but I think it was just the icing on the cake with everything and I was at the point of shout/cry… That means it will be 10 flipping busses yes 10 busses I will have have caught today to get to and from work!!!

Luckily my brother called me and offered to give me a lift up to work so I was in work at 11.45… if you could have seen me… I ran into the house stripping off and up the stairs running the bath and throwing myself in scrubbing… I have no idea what I sat in… I think I might take a black bag to sit on now in future.  I had my light coloured jeans on so I looked like I had wet myself right down to the back of my knees. It was disgusting and turns my stomach now as I think about it .. but I will still have to catch another 3 buses to get home so that will be 7 today and it is fffff**g raining now and I didn’t bring my coat….

*looks up to the sky and thinks someone doens’t like her today*

Oh and to top it all off… weigh in… 1lb 2 oz on… I don’t know how and that makes me feel a little down… but hey ho this is a new week, I know I posted earlier it was more but I weighed when I got home and it was that so…. I am stick to that before I really start to sulk!

So now I smile and think… I have been stupid as I have had a packet of hula hoops and craving chocolate as I have the most horrendus headache and loads of work to catch up on………….

I have had lots of fruit….   And I still hate first group bus!


One thought on “B………Rainy days to better days… maybe

  1. Gosh you have had a day and a half , but your right it can only get better , you hang in there lovely lady ,you know what they say lol THE SUN WILL COME OUT TOMORROW , sorry i couldn’t resist lol good job i stay many miles away i feel a slap coming for that comment xxxx

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