B….I dont get it!!

Here we go again….Thursday and I was hopeful for a STS. That is stay the same for those that are not already slimmers…

But nope it is 00.04lb 4 oz. Where did I go wrong?

Honest I did have fish and chips last night so what do I expect, but don’t tell me that is the cause of all that…. I can’t look to see what it was last week.. .00.02lb 6ozs so I have put on 1 b 12 oz and I can tell you I am not happy!

Nearly every night this week I have been up with a bad stomach, so there is no excuse now I have to document everything I eat and be more vigilant. Mind you I have had more fruit, that could have ypset my tummy.

I have also been taking my tablets later and this has been causing pains in head…so must be more careful!!

Along with that I have felt rather stressed……So is stress making me fat?? A good question..I will think on that.

Where has A gone again…I am missing our chats, she is such a lovely lady.

So today is a new day, I have to get out of my pit and go out into the big world would love to stay in bed so tired.

I was dreaming that there were three of us and we had to out run thIs large ant type monster and yes me of all peeps wanted to go to the toilet and put on my bridget jones!!!!

Anyway Peeps…have a good day all….here comes the routine of…

Ollie and clean kitchen
Face and hair
Realise I am late and leave grabbing some fruit for the day..

Toodles till later x

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2 thoughts on “B….I dont get it!!

  1. Awww B— ,don’t get disheartened ,lol listen to me ,who hasn’t lost anything yet.
    You mentioned stress ,well i dont know about making you put on weight , but it certainly wont help your positive attitude ,and again its ok for me to say that , im not in your shoes ,we are different and our circumstances are different ,yet we are so alike,if nothing else im sending you loving positive thoughts ,and hang in there girl ,it can only get better xxxxxx

  2. Thanks A… I need all the positive thoughts I can get today… having a really not so good day lol….I think I might cave into a small chocolate bar… will have to check the syn value and get back to you…. Keep at it with the exercise A.. your doing well xxx

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