A—- Here

Me again ,feeling a bit off today . Done a few small excercise’s when i got up this morn ,stepups ,wall press’s, legups  lol . if i feel a bit better i might hit the gym later ,

breakfast today was a  bannana

lunch                                 1 ham n salad roll, 23g bag of low fat crisps

dinner is going to be      salmon n blck pepper ,salad

so here is hoping i dont ruin it ,oh! i did have another hypo last night ,but as i have said earlier ,it is to be expected .

Some positive news , my  blood sugar levels have been very good which is fantastic for me , so small changes do make a big difference , blood sugar level being good is a big plus health wise .

Watch this space ———-


2 thoughts on “A—- Here

  1. B … that is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!…. you keep at it… well done with the exercise girl I am sooooooooooooooooo proud of you… every little bit helps… 🙂

    Have you not thought of having a few wee tatties with your salad and salmon? Ark at me and the lingo haha.

    Really pleased about the sugar levels being better too. Stick at it A… you can do it.. whooo hoooo.. way to go girl 🙂

    • Hi B—- i have to watch carb intake because of the diabetes , so depends on what i have for lunch , as to what i can have at night , im trying to spread the carbs over the whole day and not eat to many in one sitting , but good point ,maybe should save more carbs for evening meal it might stop the hypos xxxx

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