A—– Here

Just me again , walked to the chemist and got myself weighed again, 20stones 4 pound s and  2 oz , now lady that weighed me said to take 2 lbs off for clothes lol in my case i dont think that matters too much lol. Anyway i’m still feeling very positive ,i cant make it to gym today ,but my walk to chemist was just as good (i hope). As i said in my post yestarday i have my inductiion at gym tomorrow at 11 am ,cant go on thursday but hopefully will make it over on friday .

I was thinking how worried i was yestarday ,about going to the gym when lots of people are there ,what would they be thinking ,when they saw me going in ,this short fat woman ,witjh walking sticks no less lol ,and you know what when i got there i didnt care ,and it shouldnt matter what others think im trying to help myself ,and just hope people can see this .

Well enough from me for the time being ,i will write more if i have anything to update .

Should there be anyone reading this ,i hope you find your day is a good one .

Watch this space >>>>>>


One thought on “A—– Here

  1. B…Isn’t it funny that we are always worried about what others think of us… so if you look at others they are also thinking the same… we are so wrapped up in what others think of us that are we really enjoying out time here on earth.

    I think we should just go for it A.. you are a real inspiriation and I know when I went there were loads of women who were skinny.. but so what.. but there were also a lot who were not and they were lovely…

    Your right you are there for you… not for them not for anyone else but for you… this is your life.. and you have to live it… so go girl.. 🙂 xxx

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