Bums bottys, behinds… what ever Mmmm


Oh… is it the sun… I thought the sun was to dehydrate  but I threw myself on the scales today and it was 00.03 lb and 06 oz…. Botty!

I did have a lot of liquid yesterday (sugar free lemonade) and I refrained as much as I could in the night to getting up so I am hoping I am retaining water haha… so nothing nice and taut about me, well there wouldn’t be at my age anyway would there…Mmm would there… now that has me thinking… what is taut…. while I think….  you can look at my bloated arse!




Nothing Tiny about that one now is there!…


I have thought of something…. my wrist … the skin on my wrist is taut when I pull my hand forward… yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!  See now that is something to smile about I don’t have saggy wrists…NO tatts…. No piercings… No saggy wrsts….so yep “nods head” I am happy about that.

But still not happy about that weigh in malarky…

WI…. Monday…. 00. 03 lb 06 oz…. BAD  BAD GIRL….


Today I have had:


Apple, 2 x banana small ones, nectarine, and just a mug shot… all free.  Oh and  sugar free gum.  I have a free salad here but not sure I am going to eat that yet.


Well best get back to work.  hope to be back soon.  Oh… and STOP LOOKING AT MY ARSE!!

Oh remind me later to see if I can put a video clip that I caught on my new IR Night vision cam I got over the weekend… … dont forget as with all my meds you know by now that I do!


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