B……..ody Fat!!

Time for it to go for GOOD!!


Yes… its it our time A to get rid of BODY FAT…..I know the day is cold out there and I have been lazy today by only doing the house work and watching ET on telly… but I weighed myself this mornig again…..



Start weight in  00.07lb

First Week.  00.2 lb 6 oz but saying 4.5lb loss

and I am weigning in maybe daily because I tend to graze so I have to keep an eye on myself.  I didn’t weigh yesterday… but today… WI..00. 1lb 2 oz    so I am remaining positive here… and weekends are the worst for me.

Not sure what to have this evening.. have to do the shopping online and I do hate that as it is with yes Tesco’s and they always get something wrong!

Why when you are on an eating regime do you always want to think of food. …. well I think maybe it is all down to planning and knowing what works for you and what doenst.  The first few weeks of course you are going to be thinking FOOD FOOD FOOD… when I am like this I want to eat and yet if not I can go all day without food.  Ahh but this is the thing isn’t it….. we shouldn’t go all day without it should we… this is why our body can store.  So thinking about it… we always need to PLAN!


With that in mind I need to finish off my shopping.. soo be back soon!


Oh I didn’t tell you.. but I have a new IR Night vision camera so hopefully will get that work soon so I can see what my lovely house can pick up.


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