B…………..loody Hell Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!


Okay where is the good mood going… some people just drive me friggin nuts!

Right I am not going to harp on about it but the fact that I am tired of being shouted at, taken for granted, used, and abused and just there!  DO I HAVE A LIFE?

When I say that I mean my own life… and the answer is yes.. but I am living it for everyone else and I am just getting a tad tired of that!!!!  Now this is making me look a ratty ole cat today isn’t it…

Things can only get better… can’ t they… can’ t they.. yeah.. yeah???

Is it me?  I know that a change in eating regime can make peeps a litte cranky.. but come on!!!!!!!!!!……. It has been a day where everyone seems unhappy and wants to snap and it is making me like that… and I don t want to be.

All I want is to be happy… I want to be smaller and not as in shorter lol and cheerful… not thinking of food all the darn time (haha I know this will pass) and omg that has reminded me I didn’t put what I had for dinner last night or take a photo… crap I am bad!

It was chicken with some smoky sauce and some chiritzo (how do you spell that as too lazy/cross to look it up at the moment) with new potatoes and salad… was lovely… counted the chicken as my HB and the rest was free!  Yum Yum … no syn so that was even better!!

No Nooooooooooooooooooo… I did.. I had a packet late at night of cheese and onion walkers crisps..I shared them with Ollie. I think they are 7 syns.  See how we can forget if we don’t right it down and then wonder where the extra calories are coming from.

Naughty but nice!!

Food today:

Just and apple and my HAPPY FOOD… banana… but the banana is a few days old so some would say ripe and right.. but I erm am not keen on them that way so would rather have a crisp on lol….

Oh no… I don’t have a mug shot with me… might have to look up one of those pasta dishes thingymabobs and cook that…. will let you know more later…. so omuch for work!

WI… Well still loooooooooooooooooooking good!   00.2lb 5 oz so that will be 4.5 lb loss but still waiting for Thursday… fingers crossed there is a massive jump.. what am I say that would still be good for a week wouldn’t it!

They say you have to reduce 3500 calories to lose 1lb in weight… but I wonder how I work that with these darn tablets that I am on that help you gain weight… not that you want to of course lol!

Anyway so if I have lost 4.5 lb this week that will mean a reduction of approx 15750 calories.. that is a lot.. I wonder what I could have eaten before and not now.. wow… that is a lot of calories.  I would say I am actually having more now.

Well I had better get back to doing something… bbsoon!


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