Yikes hungry  or what this morning… can I do this alone.. and not pig out.. can I yeah!!…


So I have swallowed a healthy HAPPY FOOD… banana….



Oh I didn’t put in last nights salad did I…. here it is…

My yummy salad dinner

It had in it:

cauliflower, carrot, celery, lettuce, onion, cucumber, haloumi my 2 x cheese allowance 56 gms HA…. HB of tuna.. I would say some syns for the horseradish sauce… balsamic vinager….ooo what else did I put in it.. so many goodies…

And yes you guessed it… I didn’t eat half of it!!!  Then I have later on…much later…


Naughty 9 syns… Grab bag of Quavers. but that was yesterday.


Anyway… back to today… was happy food above… ie banana… had two!


Apple.. don’t neeed a photo of apple… and I have a pear…

Also lined up for lunch is a mug shot and some worcester sauce to make it extra spicey… YUM!


Todays thoughts…


I am in my jeans today…and loving i.. I would love them to be a little looser but I know that if I stick to this then I will be getting there.

Happy that A will be joining us again… have sooooooooooooooooooooo missed her here 🙂

Looking at getting a dog,…. but need to weigh up the pros and cons…. and probably best I don’t get one.  WHY?… I hear you scream…. because I am the emotional sort that I will get so upset should anything happen to him or her.   Shall I find a pic of the one I want to get… it is a little Bichon Frise… but he has to get on with Ollie my rabbit… so wonder if they do… might have to speak to my vet first who tends to Ollie.

No time like the present and erm… well they said really that isn’t a good idea as such as a puppy might be too playful and upset him as he is getting older.  Mmm…. I will have to think on now won’t I… can’t get another rabbit.  Can’t do teeth every month again is too much and can’t see an animal suffer either so would be broke all the time lol.

Sick of waiting for the drs to answer the darn phone… you are que position 6!!  I am now 2 but that is  8 minutes ago!! And I bet they fob me off with something these know it all receptionists… oop temper temper… Wow for the first time I got a nice one!!  Things are looking up!!!  See think HAPPY things can also be HAPPY

OOo  Weigh In… No change today… still 00.03lbs… but that is still 4lb loss… which I am HAPPY about.. so is today going to be a HAPPY day 🙂

Be back later with food and thoughts lol


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