B…..runch oooo yum

So shall we do a photo food diary.. do you think that will make me more aware of what I am consuming… this could be scary!!


Ahh Sunday.. don’t you just love them!

I have had some diet coke.. don’t normally drink this but .. I have been doing so lately.


OH and I are on about going for a diet coke and him a beer of course at the pub which is just on the corner of our road………but it is already 4.39 and nothing yet.

Si brunch was…..

2 x bread from 400gm loaf = HB x 1

2 eggs with fry light = free



Fat free greek yogurt and some happy food… banana yayyyy have to have the HAPPY FOOD = free


Weigh in today…. 00.03lb…. yep so far since thursday that is 4lb gone.. but if you haven’t read our blog before then I am not going to take the true weight till thursday..

Now I have been talking to A and she is having a hard time so we have to put our heads together to come up with a good plan for her as he eating has gone to pot… we all want to go through this… this is normal… after all we are only HUMAN.  We have to talk to ourselves… find out why we are doing this… and then get back on track don’t we.

So A… I can’t wait for you to come back and I think the photo diet will be good as this will make you think about what you are eating. Also seeing what we eat will make us more aware having diabeties will need to be monitored more closely I think won’t it… I think I really need to read up more on this.

Good thought…Sometimes we are not always hungry.. have a drink first as this may be all we need!  Plus save us putting on those extra pounds!!!!





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