B………love and melons…Happy Food!



Yes I am in love with water melons… I have been since a child and it is shocking how much of one I can eat at a time!  Should I tell you… Mmmm.. it might slip out later.  My father would get these when I was a child and we would eat them and now…. goodness knows how many years later we sit and eat them again.   He did bring me 4 round yesterday morning!!!  yes whole ones.. just for me to revel in… ooo I am drooling now.

Now with Slimming world they do say fruit is free and you can eat it, good to get your 5 a day… so that would be 4 watermelons and an apple haha!  I have tried before adding different things with watermelon, but you just can’t beat the natural taste of a good watermelon when it is ready, the smell, it can transport you back to the first place or memory that you had when you first tasted it.  It reminds me of Cyprus, the sun, see, family all together the fresh air, laughter… now that is a happy food… even when you cut it … it looks like a smile so what can be wrong with that….. besides eating a whole one…ops !! Not in one sitting… I spread it out during the evening… but must be far better than picking on crisps and chocolate full of chemicals… think of happy food.

If we could make all our food happy then maybe we wouldn’t eat so much of the bad stuff or would be happy with just a little bit of this or a little bit of that as it all makes us happy.  Most of us eat cause we are unhappy, trying to hide something, so think of a food that does make you happy… but a GOOD one… and go for it!

That is my thought for today…. HAPPY FOOD!



14 lb to a stone… 16 ounces to a lb.

Okay… I am going to have some melon for breaky… so that isn’t an option is it :)))))

Weighed myself again today…. surprised………(Yes I am going to put OO as this will stand for the stones.. )  so I started this one

Wednesday I didn’t weigh… naughty but wasnted to easy my way into it.  How to you easy your way out of fat  You slide into it going whooopie and fight your way out… but I am trying not to!

Thursday… weigh in… not as bad as I thought.. in fact I was 3lb lighter than when I last weighed and I thought I was heavier.. how odd is that… so we will start with……..

00.07lbs straight.   now please not that my scales do ounces as well so this can get confusing…

Friday… another weigh in… why… well I am a grazer… and this tip I heard was to weigh yourself daily if you can as this will give you more idea if you are fighting or losing… so will give you the incentive.   So I did weigh… drum roll please………………..

00.05lb and 4 oz WOW  but we always lose a lot in the first week and I have been peeing for England!!  That is 1lb 12oz gone… but I won’t take any true weight really till next Thursday.

Saturday… today yep I jumped on the scales again today…. and well I thought nope even though I did get up 6 times to pee last night!!  What is sleep no wonder I am tired all the time !!

00.04lb 2 oz Shocked!!  that is 2lb 14 oz geesh! I must remember it is the first week though!


It is late so off for breaky…. think everyone HAPPY FOOD!!


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