I think I am going

I just seem to be eating sooooooooooooo many of them!  I know… peeps will say that they are fattening… they do give me heartburn but they are slow release of sugars which is good for me as I forget to eat.  I weighed myself this morning again… WTF… I had lost 1.5lb… but I was up 5 times in the night peeing… so what do I expect.

The OH had left our window open in the bedroom and I was freezing..my head was it was blowing my hair, this time I know it wasn’t spiritual!

A friend gave me a lift back home last night and we sat talking over black tea and coffee re spiritual things.  it was then that I realised that I have a lot of faith, know rather a lot, but also have a lot to learn like others, but also I do have more strength than I thought I did.

Missing N lots…but I think of her with strength for what she has taught me through my life even at the end.  She was a religious woman.  She would take me to Sunday school… in the church we had her service in.. think I mentioned that.  Although she never preached to me… I would love sometime in my life to do podium work for spirit, but I know I have a long long way to go for anything like that to happen.  Maybe I am too lazy to study like some people I know that have.  I know one who has done so well and I am very proud of him as I know his wife is :)))

My daughter is doing SW too but is so poorly and blah blah and has sadly put on 1.5lb this week.  I love her no matter what… but she isn’t big anyway… it is just how  you feel isn’t it.

I am missing my friend A at the moment… not sure where she is,…. she may be busy with family which is lovely.

Yesterday food:

Breakfast: fruit

Lunch: Fruit

Dinner:  Quorn with mushrooms tomatoes onions and stock cube and some herbs. (all of above I had the day before Wednesday 6th but with pasta)

pudding I had some frozen fruit and fat free greek style yog…

My HA’s I had 56 gm of cheese on both

in fact I had 61gms last night.


8th June 2012

Breakfast:  Banana and tablets (as always such fun!)

Lunch: More fruit… yes bananas… had three today and an apple in all…. need to drink more water might go and buy a bottle of nice water… I know that sounds daft but I want some nice water.

Dinner… not sure yet?  And I dread it as it is Friday…..


Ahh dinner… a lovely salad made of .. tuna.. cheese, salad, rocket, onion, mushrooms peppers balsamic vinagar tin pots …..followed by water melon lots of it!!!


then 9 syns grab bag of quavers

What is the postivie note today… is to trust, but trust my inner self.

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