B… 17th May 2012

Todays Food:

Not good so far… think I am going to be baddddd!

I started with my tablets and water and a banana… which if honest didnt’ taste very nice.

2 cups of tea at work

Some sesame snap things very sweet naughty and and twirl

Twirl bad girl
Lunch has been a bag of Mini chedders that are bbq flavour and another banana… I think so far I need shooting.

I really need to get my act together… but I think after a few days of writing it down it will shame me into actually saying what the heck are you doing!! Hard when you feel alone though sometimes.

Looked in the mirror this morning while doing my make-up… spoke to Steve (Guide) and said wow I have aged!! But then don’t we all. Had a flash back of being a child in a class how we made polystryene motorised boats and I loved the class… I can even feel the water going over my fingers now as I type this… odd isn’t it… wonder if it is symbolic?

Friend from another shop nipped in and sort of gave me lecture today and said I really need to lose weight… and other things.. she thinks it will make me happy and has known me for two years and I haven’t done anything with my life. In one way I guess she is right.. in another I felt a little hurt by it.. but she has had a masectomy so why should I complain about my pains.

Rabbit isn’t well…. I keep telling him he has to get better and then I will… he has started eating.. so I have to get my act together… I keep wrapping him in healing hands.

Must drink more.. think kidneys are telling me… back to work! BBS x

OMG I ate these as well!!


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