Ok back from th…

Ok back from the wedding and had a fantastic time , from what everyone has  said a good time was had by all in attendance ,and i looked not to bad being a fattie n all .Had a very  busy saturday , leaving the hotel after the wedding ,my  hubby and i had only a short time to get ready  for our night out , hubby was working  a 2 hour drive away from home and i went for company for him ,sad to say  we had nothing to eat , so hit mcdonalds on the way home ,and to be honest i felt sick . Got up sunday morn  still buzzing from the wedding  , but had to get house in order  and did , sunday night i was woren out . Ah monday morn felt like sh-t and it all went wrong from there . I spent most of monday  with my head stuck down the toilet pan , lol , stomach flu they call it , i felt like i was possesed lol . Anyway  got to tuesday and could only have sips of water , wednesday  i managed lucozade yipppieee ,lol .Thursday yes i ate , and ate some more , then felt sick again .Now ,its early hours of tuesaday morn 8th may i feel much better , and have been trying to eat healthy , salads mostly  rivita  and fruit . I will say  being diabetic ,being sick and now trying to work an eating plan has made my  blood sugars drop , but i have it in hand  and am getting it sorted slowly . My hubby is taking me to get weighed in the afternoon , so i will let it be known when i come back , and lets see what  happens from here ____ watch this space .

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