B….Its raining in my heart

B…….Its raining in my heart

Haha nope I am in the car that I was in over three years ago that I was in with the accident and feeling really tense.

I was catching the bus to the drs and my brother rang so I got off and now sat here….listening to the rain…the birds making song and ahh the sun popped its beautiful face for a moment to warm my knees.

Worried about the drs today…I don’t know what to say to her as I don’t know her and feel how can she treat me if I can or have to get everything out in 10 mins..I know I harp on about it..daft really isn’t it????!!! Is it??!!

The sun is wonderful through the glass you could close your eyes and be in paradise if you so wish! For a brief moment you can block out the throbbing pain in your back and everything else and take one deep breath…relax and you are where you want to be….who you want to be and all is well with the world. You send out healing happy thoughts to the world…..yes and just for that nano second you can believe there is no hatred or sickness outside your circle. Reality it harsh isn’t it.

When I get the chance I will try something regarding stress and how it makes you feel on here and you can leave a comment on how it made you think and feel.

Well…I am going to spoil myself for a few moments more while I can and go somewhere nice x

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