Oh dear what a horrible night i had , i thought i was doing well yestarday , had reasonible breakfast ,crackerbread and bannana , lunch was weightwatchers spaghetti with a slice of toast  and an apple, dinner was a bowl of cornflakes and an apple ,i was so tired last night didnt feel like cooking and i was on my own ,. got over tired and didnt get to bed until 3 am , wam , woke up to hubby trying to get me to eat spoonfuls of jam , my  blood sugar level had dropped ,which caused me to have a  diabetic hypo , so after many  spoonful s of jam and some biscuits ,milk , i woke up this morn ,feeling horible to say the least , and angry  because my  calorie intake must have gone through the roof in that one hour . So i will start again ,although i feel so bad today  dont really want to eat anytrhing , but i’m  sure thats not a good idea either being diabetic and all ——- Watch this space xx

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