A…. can you please put me when you get time a list of things that does upset your IBS please and I will try to avoid these in the plan for the week.  Know what the main things are will help and then we can adapt it as we go along…. thank you….

I think for the first week… what we should do is write down everything… and I mean everything we eat and drink… including water… and lets see what we have in that.

At the end of each day… write a quick blog how you feel…bloated.. fine.. fat … happy etc … what you didn’t like etc… and this will help us get into the mind set of cutting back and prepared.  At the same time we will also still be also losing weight!  What do you think?

I know you have mentioned exercise… I know you have a problem getting around at the moment without your crutches… but I do think little things will make a difference… how about working upper body… that is still exercise… on a chair leg lifts to music.. I know this sounds daft to most people …. but it is fun… and it still burns calories and fun!  But maybe we can go into that after we have sorted the food out.

What do you think that at the start of each month we put our little aims down and can work towards them… nothing too large to start with … they have to be realistic… ones that we will reach and when we get to them and surpass them each month we will be smiling and laughing!

One thought on “B……Aims

  1. It all sounds good to me , , im happy to do leg lifts and anything else you suggest ,i will try anything ,and i promise i will be positive and honest if it doesnt work for me , it is indeed all about trial and error ,

    The things i know for sure that upset the ibs and cause me pain are the ones you already know , ; beans, sweetcorn , nuts , seeds , seeded bread , some cereals ,barley ,lentles ,mushrooms , processed peas ,

    I am watching a few other things at the mo , so will get back to you

    ie; broccoli , tomatoes , skinned potatoes , coleslaw ,raisins ,
    all things i love , and some folks say dairy products , so will watch for that also .
    I have noticed a lot of conflicting views on the things that irritate ibs , i think its different strokes for different folks , its not a straight forward thing as in ,what effects me might be ok for someone else .
    Will get back to you soon .xx

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