Thanks B , for the  Diary Sheet , will start a plan of action and recording  the foods i eat  ,after the wedding is over , please just give me a few days to get rid of guest’s lol. I have been rushing around like a mad person , trying to help the happy couple out ,have had my grandaughter with me for the last 2 days  bless she is great fun but hard work ,i feel exhausted  , I have noticed my food intake  has lessened  over the last 2 days but i hate to say what i have been eating ,has been take outs  for quickness,shameful   i know , have had people coming and going  ,most of which managed to be here at meal times . was the easiest option . iI will say ,i am aware of everything i have eaten ,its making me think ,and usualy feel bad after i have eaten it , Again i have to add this  has been a strange few weeks ,eating habits have been dire , but i will say this is not normal for me , i started a healthy eating plan last  august , dont like the word diet, and i lost no weight at all , now it was noticed that  my intake of thyroxine was too low (unseractive thyroid) so i dont know if this has been a prob , i will add it has been rectified now  , just in the last month , so will try the healthy eating plan again , surley  this time ,excercise i dont how that will work , as i have said i am hiting the gym , but will speak to a professional ,and ask advice on which excercise i will be able to do , because of back pain , did i say before i walk with elbow sticks ,this takes the pressure of  the bottom of my back ,I still have every intention in speaking with my  doc as well , so lets get me over this weekend ,(the wedding ) . I am laughing at myself ,i said i had been rushing around ,yeah if only ,i mean busy  as in task that doesnt involve walking , just phoning people  making sure all parties know what they are doing and so on , it did sound good though (rushing around), who knows maybe one day soon ,________ watch this space



  1. Do you know A… you will be rushing around… and yes it will take time.. but Rome wasn’t built in a day.
    I am very proud of you for even thinking (having time to think about the food) while everything else is going on! So this is something very positive isn’t it.. it means that you are starting to think more about it and yayyyyyyyyy you are concious of it… okay the wrong food at the moment….but you will get there.

    Your doing a great job A…. I will be positing my posts now in section B…. and if you see I have put a page A for your.. and we can interact between the two 🙂 xx

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