B……………….Went to work.. cough cough

Went to work…cough cough.. tense.. cough.. still feeling rough and part of me wanted to stay in bed.. but to be honest that isnt comfy yet… still working on getting on a new mattress.  But as you know that is still the same old boring story!

Yesterday did I put was OH birthday… well that has come and gone and glad that is over with as yes I had cake and I felt sick… but to be honest not as much as I would have eaten normally!! Thank goodness I thought haha!

It was nice to spend the day with my daughter etc as she is being very good too!

Did anyone see the programme about the Fat Admirers and Feeders that was on the other week… I recorded it on Tivo and watched it in facination and sadness.  At at the moment.. I am watching a year to lose weight in USA and Wally is booking himself into rehab to lose weight.. it has me in tears… but everything does at the moment.  He is getting therapy for food additiction… it is just like smoking… isn’t it strange how skinny people dont think how hard it is for some people give up food.. but if we said to them.. NO more clothes shopping or smoking for them.. how would they feel.  Mind you I don’t eat that much.


The uk heath system are saying No to so many over weight people but do we not pay taxes, do we not breath and have rights like everyone else.  You can come from a war torn country and get help but if you are a little over weight and born in this country.. stuff you… but don’t get me started on that one!

I believe we should all be treated the same.  I went to the dentist ages ago and was told I couldnt be knocked out as I was too large… can you imagine how that made me feel…. No I don’t think half of you could.  I am not a woman who sits and eats cream cakes or chocolates etc all day… infact I will tell you what I have had today… I did have a treat lol


B:  3 Satsumas

L:  at 5 pm a cheese and onion and salad sandwhich and small kit kat

D:  Some pizza and birthday cake …a small bit as OH had eaten the rest lol….

I did have two cups of tea and a few biscuits which I don’t normally have.  Sometimes I don’t even do lunch as I forget….  But are there loads and loads there yet I am still a scary weight and people look down on me.


Well tomorrow I am going to work more on the weekly plan for food for A so we can have our first weeks trial and see how that works with her diabeties… it is all trial and error and of course her IBS.. but we are going to be strong….. and see how that goes and adapt as we go.

I hope she is feeling much better.. nothing worse than tummy pain as you can’t do anything about it.. in fact I don’t like any pain or see anyone in pain… so get well soon A xxx

Hope the stag night went well for the guys and that they all suffered but didn’t make you run around for them all lol… x



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