A…….IBS , playing u…

IBS , playing up again , the pain in my stomach is dreadful , sat night and i had to go to bed at 10.30 pm ,i felt so bloated stomach swollen ,chronic wind , anyway its now 4.49 am and i’m wide awake , the pain in my stomach has eased off , but now blood sugars have risen and i feel a bit off ,What triggered this off , i ate sweet chili chicken and rice for tea , so what was it  , the chili the chicken or the rice ,lol or maybe all 3 , need to watch this one again , so that i can eliinate the foods that trigger the ibs off. I read the link that B had left , good info , but a lot of conflicting info online about  the do’s and don’ts of ibs , think i need to take control myself  be more aware of what i eat  ,maybe take notes and  jot down how i feel after i have eaten , only way to go  with this i think .

Hope B is feeling better after her trip out yestarday ,  Well think i will try and sleep again , see what sunday brings my way ,was son’s stag night last night  so will prob have a few folks with sore heads to deal with  lol , they are in bed sleeping  but from what i can gather a good night was had by all ,. ——–watch this space

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