Reading B’s Post

After a  long convo with B last night ,i read the post she left this morn .Yes B is right , deffo need to  loose a few pounds just so i can start to excercise ,how awful is that ,needing to loose weight before i can start an excercise programe to loose weight , as she said  ,why oh why do we do this to ourselves. I have a million reasons ,call it excuse’s if you must ,as to how i ended up this way ,but when its all said and done ,i am my own worst enemy , I could go on for several pages, moaning about the why’s , but you know what im not going to ,im going to make a difference , to my life , its not going to be easy or quick , but with the help of B ,im gonna give it a good try ,i might falter a few times , but having someone who understands how i feel can only be a good thing , she will push me when i need it and listen to me when i moan i’ve had enough. 6 days until my son’s wedding ,a busy week ahead , and then the work begins , the fight so to speak , to get rid of some of this weight i carry , i don’t want to be a size 10 or even a size 14 ,it would be nice ,just to be able to fit into the clothes i have hanging in my wardrope ,would be an insentive to carry on , a first step , so i may not weigh myself every week , i might judge by the clothes i have , then i will hit the scales , i know i am over 20 stones in weight , horrible as i am only  4ft 11 . So if anyone is reading this please wish both B and myself A  well , send us your lovely  energy  .Oh and B is kindly  going to work out a meal plan  for me , so i will let it be know how it works for me and what tweeks i need to make , oh and talking dress size , at the moment i am wearing a size32-34 and even then struggling to be comfortable, the designers who make clothes for the fuller figure ,dont seem to have a clue , being short and the fact my shape is horrible as in stick out at the back and front , they add ties to the back of blouses no dont do it,  it doesn’t work only makes the shape stand out more mmmm enough from me for now , back to wedding tweeking , ——-watch this space

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