B……….Our Plan


Well A and I have been talking tonight… we have had a good heart to heart on FB and then on MSN and we realise that half the time we don’t lose weight or change things in our life is due to the fact of upsetting someone else, we are not in control of our own lives… but letting others control ours.  Why do we let others run our lives… not just what we eat, say and do…. this affects us mentally and physically.

Both of us have different ailments… Me (B) with a bad back, asthma, etc, and A diabeties insulin dependandant, bad back etc,…..well this is for us.

We spoke about our weight and how light are we…. well I have been over 20 stone and lost weight then put on weight so now around 17.08 and A said something around 20 so we are going to have a proper weigh in after her sons wedding and go from there.  I am going to do a meal plan for her and I… but she has IBS and with the diabeties it will take us a while to sort things out with this for A…. but we will get there.

See the point is… we get big and then we want to lose weight… but find it hard to move so when someone says exercise… how do you do that when you find it hard to?  so you have to lose some weight first then you will be able to move a little first….. so lets see if we can get this going… this is going to be our plan and you are welcome to read and comment… and enjoy the ride with us.

Also a link above for IBS food to avoid to put in the plan.

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