Sorry B,

Well i have had a strange few day’s,didn’t feel so good , but a bit better now, Helped son get his room in order yestarday ,would say that was my exercise for the day , i was exhausted when we finished. 7 days to sons wedding ,trying hard  to get the thought out of my head that people will be looking at me and oh my  goodness what will they think ,for those that havnt seen me in a long while ,although i have been over weight for years ,many excuses for that ,and lack of exercise isnt one of them. I have put on a lot more weight in the last 2 years , again because of a back injury , I feel so ashamed , of me , for letting things get this out of hand , why didn’t i get help sooner , well i did , but when it didnt work i didnt follow it up , life pissed me off a bit and i gave up on me  , when i should have been working full stop to  make things better . Sad  to say its too late to make any changes before the wedding ,but i have made a vow i will get myself sorted no matter how long it takes. I hope at the wedding , folks will see me as me , and not the fat blob i have become.2weeks until doc is back from his holiday , and then i want and will demand help ,its about time . To B , i am sorry i havnt been on last couple of days , had grandaughter , then ,wasn’t feeling well ,and the black hole i call my sons room took my time all day yestarday . Hope you are feeling beter B . ———- more to follow


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