B…………I have booked an appointment

Yep… I have got sick of sitting in tears over my life and I know that only I am the only one that can change things… so yes I have got on the pc… (can’t stand the receptonists who speak to you like dirt!… sorry if any of you are read this….ekk) and booked my own appointment at the drs.

I am going to talk about my head condition…. after the letter from my neurosurgeons… yes I have more than one lol… I got a letter from one who was writing to the other and well was discussing me…. what they think is wrong with my head and the pain I am getting…. what they are going to do and hey presto… yep reduced me to tears again!  Also my weight gain from the tablets… …. how I am just crying all the time and to be honest I am finding things harder and harder all the time.   My godmother rang today and in the space of about 45 mins talking… I had cried 3 times… omg I am starting now!  It does make it hard to type and write lucky I can touch type isn’t it!   This isn’t on is it… I shouldn’t be like this should I… this isn’t normal… and not like me.  Maybe also get to talk about a gastric band…. I can try and get this all in in 10 minutes… goodness knows how I am as the tablets make me forget things too so i will have to write a list as well !!!

Thinking is something I do a lot of as you might gather….and I just have to get my thoughts together and say to myself it isn’t what I can’t do… it is what I CAN DO…. that goes for you too A …Have you booked your appointment yet?

Mine is on the 27th but I think I will see if I can get one before that as I don’t think my tablets will last me that long and I will have to get one before!

Oh I am starting to get obsessed with fat programmes… we have Tivo and I just keep recording anything that I can with fat in it!!  Oooo so that means I am with me lol…. see I do have a sense of humour it is just that you don’t hear that side.

I have been watching some cooking programmes but now everything has to be olympic this olympic that!  How the heck can food be olympic for goodness sake… get a grip!  These judges are so grrrrrrrrr sometimes  lol  They are saying this meal lacks the olympic heights… what is that… someone answer me that lol

Believe me as things get better you will notice this in my posts so dont give up if you ever do read these….. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Come on A not seen any of your posts lately x



Reason to be slim…. not be on so many tablets?  Hopefully


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