Weekend Over

Thats the fun over for the moment,Monday ,and how am i feeling today,same as i did last week,and the week,before.Got up this morn feeling positive ,first thing on list call doc’s for an appointment to disscuss options for helping me loose weight ,could feel the excitment building up as i sat waiting for the phone to be answerd,lol ,lol,lol,and BAM, the doc i need to see is on holiday ,well you can imagine my disapointment,the feeling of have i missed my opertunity,because its all down to how much money they have left for this yuear, as to what kind of help i will be offered .Because my my weight is effecting my health in so many ways ,i have to ,i just have to have some help, please dont think i havn’t tried ,the weight clubs and the diets ,have had excercise machines in the home ,then hurt back ,and couldnt use them.I’m not a lazy person,i just need a little help,

On a lighter note the Hen party was great , i had a nice time ,and believe it or not my son was taken aback when he saw me “wow mum you look fantastic” made me feel like a million dollars ,and as i have said before , i’m fat but i’m still me i shine from the inside .



One thought on “Weekend Over

  1. Ooo I have just seen this one A and how did I miss it before! I know your son will say wow as you do shine from the outside and the inside.. Well if they don’t have the money this year.. you will be at the top of the list for next wont you as you will have driven them mad by then lol… so go for it girl! I love that fighting talk… and this is what you need to keep thinking about!

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