B…..Why am I always so wrong!

I was talking to A the other day regarding a spiritual matter that was going on in my house the other day and we got talking about this lady who was sort of contradicting everything I said…. I have given this lady te benefit of the doubt tow of three times but it seems that she has done it it me again!!  What you ask… well we are part of a group and she asked me to join.. now she has basically told me that they are not doing that group anymore.. which I feel is their way of saying that I am not welcome.

For a moment I was going to send her a response but I took sometime to think about it and was told that she will need me before I will need her and to wait….. just wish people would be honest.  She always comes across as being the hurt one and I am the one who is naughty and I am really confused.  But I am not going to worry.. She came into my life for a reason and maybe it is her time to leave now……so time to put her to the back of my mind… it was how she stated that they had all spoken about it.. and there was me thinking I was part of the group… nope that is is!  Gone!!

I was good today..  I did some more exercise…I am aching like poop today after it… I did put on my sports bra this time though lol and I went out and got myself some trainers so it will be kinder to my darn feet.

My daughter is starting to get into the habit of SW and I am pleased for her… I have always told her.. don’t end up like me and she has always laughed and said your okay mum… but I am pleased she isn’t going to end up like me and is doing something about it now.

Yesterday I had a letter from my neurologist I don’t quiet understand it so will have to make an appointment for my dr…. whe will it ever end!  I want to go and talk about a bypass… scary!!

Still have my sore throat….. going for my chin wag with A.. she always has a wonderful way of cheering me up.. she has a beautiful heart … more soon.

Reason to be slim… have a beter immune system!




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