B….When is the time?

I have been looking around at other blogs on wordpress and have to say I am impressed by how strong some people stay to their word when it comes to dieting. Is this because they feel others are reading, the fact they are writing it down and being more open and honest or generally more driven by a blog?

In a way it has empowered me to carry on or restart as my friend A has as if others can do it…gain their lives back and enjoy them..then why can’t I!!?

I know I am feeling very low atm and this I have to deal with…so I need to write a list of things tat I do want and things I want to change in my life if I can and let’s see if we can change them…or I change them with the love and support of friends.

Today…. I am going to dig out my SW books

Reason to be slim….look at me and love me

Maybe I need to set myself a goal just one a day and build up from that to a more positIve life……..if you met me or knew me…I would be there for you in a positive caring loving supporting way….so why can’t we do it for ourselves!!!!


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