A ……..Indeed B ,its F…

Indeed B ,its Friday, i have a hen night to go to ,so im off to improve the hair , not much else i can do at this  time .Have the Gok Wans at the ready ,but i have to say i am ashamed of myself ,i made a nice almost healthy stirfry last night ,then went out with hubby ,ended up with a supper from the chippy.It has to stop,i didnt want it so why did i eat it , is it greed , is it emotional , i dont know ,maybe just plan and simple no will power.

Payback for last nights supper , i feel totaly bloated ,if thats even possible to feel more bloated than i did before.Still going to the doc’s next week , have tried most of the sliming aids out there ,sadly nothing has worked for me , back pain makes exercise difficult , there must be some help out there, i dont want to magic this fat away ,but a bit of help after being like this for years would be great , my goodness it would save the nhs a few pounds ,not having to medicate me because of the conditions caused by being over weight .Anyway ,we will see how my night goes,and i can moan some more tomorrow , about how i wished i hadnt ate so many  nibbles —- watch this space xx

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