B..Up and Friday!!

Yay….Friday at last …but what does that mean…really…I don’t have to race to get up for two days! Especially as I have a cold coming grr

I think I kept OH awake snoring with sore throat etc last night as he was pushing me….we do have another room if I go into it then I get *oh its like that is it* but he could have gone in there knowing if I am actually finally asleep….PLEASE leave me !! Yeah maybe that is selfish of me.

Last night I asked my daughter if she wanted to meet up tomorrow as OH (husband..yes this fat blob is still married but almost at the end…but that will come later) is at work….she didn’t seem to pleased. Might be another day feeling alone then.

Almost at my first stop and I have to change buses..geesh I am hot!

Reason to slim…not to be so hot when everyone is cool and calm

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